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A (extraordinary) mineral

The mineral Silicon is the most abundant element after oxygen in nature! The Earth's crust consists of at least 28 percent from Silicon. It comes in different forms, usually in the form of sand, rocks and clay. Not everything is known about (the functioning of) Silicon, but they at least discovered more and more facts. People, animals and plants are naturally equipped with a supply of Silicon. Today we know that this is essential for a good health.  

Silicon is an essential mineral, but it has several forms. It occurs in nature often 'tied' for: either attached to, for example, carbon or bacteria or in silicon clusters or 'chains'. In both cases, it is impossible to solve the silicon in such a way that is it well recognized.

The relatively rare form 'silicon acid' (Si(OH)4), or also known as orthosilicic acid (H4SiO4) ' is the most optimal form. This occurs in surface water where a convenient soil composition is found, as in the neighborhood of (relatively) recently active volcanoes. The low availability of this form, however, is a problem. 

It gives various components of living organisms force, such as the bones, the blood wessel walls and the connective tissues. It has a positive effect on the collagen, which for example makes the cartilage and skin flexible. Also the bodies are contructed with Silicon. Silicon is also essential for a properly functioning immune system. 

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