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Hydrolyzed Silicon™
For a better resistance and vitality of hen and rooster

The mineral Silicon is the most abundant
element after oxygen in nature! The Earth's crust consists for at least 28 percent from Silicon. Not everything is known about (the functioning of) Silicon, but they at least discovered more and more facts. People, animals and plants are naturally equipped with a supply of Silicon.

Silicon gives various parts of living organisms force, such as the bones, the blood vessel walls and the connective tissues. Also, the bodies are constructed with Silicon. It is also essential for a properly functioning immune system. In the course of life, by different acts (partly natural) causes, a shortage of Silicon on. Research had now shown that the presence of sufficient silicon in "livestock" is also a precondition for other metabolic processes. For example the inclusion and operation of substances such as calcium and vitamins. 

Over fifteen years ago is Hydrolyzed Silicon™ developed. This pure product contains tiny silicon particles. The advantage is that the particles are directly absorbed by the stomach wall, causing the metabolic and immune system and so intestines and organs derive maximum benefit. 

More welfare for your animals
Hydrolyzed Silicon™ is a number of years tested on commercial motheranimal companies. It is clear, that the product leads to higher yields, due to more welfare for the animals. 

  • A stronger bone work, what leads to a lower loss
  • A better plumage, what leads to a better conception
  • Better absorption and digestion of the food
  • A higher egg shell quality
  • Natural build up resistance and vitality

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