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Why Hydrolyzed Silicon™?

As mentioned, occurs during the course of the life, by different (and sometimes natural) causes a shortage of silicon on. Research has now shown that the presence of sufficient silicon in "livestock" is also often a condition for other metabolic processes. Such as the recording and the effects of several much-needed, substances such as calcium and vitamins. In this way, silicon is an essential ingredient in the immune system.

Over fifteen years ago is Hydrolyzed Silicon™ developed. This pure product contains tiny silicon particles: there are between 1 and 3 nm (nano). The advantage is that the particles are directly absorbed by the stomach wall, causing the metabolic and immune system and so intestines and organs derive maximum benefit. 

In addition to the excellent absorbability, the very high concentration of an important feature of the product. It contains a staggering 15 percent pure silicon, completely dissolved in distilled water. With Hydrolyzed Silicon™ inventory is properly supplemented Silicon. This encourages the development of cartilage and bone tissues. It promotes the bioavailability of minerals and vitamins, and hence the functioning of the immune system. 

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