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In seas and oceans is everything

Together they form the largest "mine" of nutrients on earth, the seas and oceans. Any element that is found in nature, is located in the sea. And, this "mine" is hardly used. Life on earth depends entirely on water.

Water contains 70 percent of all living matter: sea water is an organic soup of many active organic substances. The rivers of the world feeds (all infinitely long) each year, billions of tons of minerals and other elements off in the ocean. Substances of food soils disappear from the land into the sea. Submarine volcanoes, hot springs and volcanic eruptions on land here adding a billion tons to it.

Besides finding the available mineral complexes are in the sea immense amounts of fulvic acid. It is estimated that fulvic acid is comprised of more than 50,000 different organic compounds. Not all components thereof are known. The extended content makes among other minerals, together with the many organic compounds, a potpourri of sea water with a high level of complexity.

Immutines ™ is a product that is very interesting for the poultry, precisely because of the combination of natural elements (minerals and "trace elements") with fulvic acid. The macro and micro elements possess the key to human and animal health. They are required for all metabolic processes. It is, therefore, very much for the hand to present them as a supplement to the usual food.
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