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The powerful complex

Immutines ™ is a seawater concentrate with very low sodium, high concentrations of bioactive particles and a very high bioactivity.
Immutines ™ is a dietary supplement based on Bering Sea Water Concentrate. It is a unique product. There is nothing in the market which is somewhat similar.

It has been developed for eight years of research. In crops it was found that decreased diseases and increased yields. In animals, it provides a strong increase immunity.

Immutines ™ not only consists of seawater without the toxic sodium. It is a 100 percent natural minerals and trace elements complex, rich in include magnesium, chloride and selenium. Moreover, the fulvic acid in Immutines ™ is a potpourri of pieces of bacterial cell membranes, which include other RNA and DNA and act as immunomodulators, "active agents in immunotherapy". Amino acids and more than 85 micro and macro elements are part of it. And it is full of fulvic acid, naturally organic material from the cold current of the northern Bering Sea.

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